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Our ice creams

Les matières première

  Raw materials  

Our ice creams are made from raw, natural, premium materials. No powder, no texturing agent, no preservative! Milk from the morning milk, cream, eggs and sugar.

Real sugar. Forget glucose syrup, milk powder and stabilizers. Here, it's ice cream just like at home, made with passion.

Whenever possible, local producers supply us with raw materials.

Most of our flavors are obtained by infusing the raw material into milk, at the time of pasteurization. This is the case for vanilla (vanilla pods), verbena and mint (leaves), lemon (zest).

The strawberries are prepared as a coulis and added to the ice cream mix during cooking.

Chocolate shards are obtained when churning ice cream. As the ice cream rises in the turbine, melted (and hot!) chocolate is poured into it and the thermal shock is enough to transform it into shards.

You will have understood, our ice creams are 100% made with unprocessed, natural products.

This is particularly important to us and is in line with the eco-responsible management approaches of our breeding.

This also brings a very special flavor to our ice creams that you won't find anywhere else. Promised.

Les parfums

The perfumes


The essential!


A vanilla ice cream base, with crunchy chocolate chips, obtained thanks to the melted chocolate incorporated during churning. (Received a gold medal in the “innovative product” category of the 2023 departmental competition for farm cheeses organized by the Aude Chamber of Agriculture and the Union of Goat Breeders and Cheese Producers).


For a feeling of freshness.


With real mint and chocolate chips. Voted ice cream of the summer.


It's not a sorbet! Let yourself be tempted and discover its inimitable meringue side.


Children's favorite, for a fruitier flavor.

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